MRCPI Examinations Code of Conduct; A Detailed Overview 

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MRCPI Examinations Code of Conduct; A Detailed Overview 

The Royal College of Physicians of Ireland instructs a code of conduct for aspirants, ensuring their professional behavior as members of the Royal Colleges of Physicians of Ireland. This code governs behavior during examinations and all interactions with examiners, invigilators, patients, and RCPI staff before, during, and after examinations.

 RCPI’s primary aim is to ensure complete transparency, safety, and security for all individuals associated with its examinations. Let’s delve deeply into the areas where RCPI checks its code of conduct.

What Constitutes Misconduct?
Attempt to Communicate with Another Candidate

Any effort to communicate with another candidate or any person other than an invigilator/supervisor during the examination is strictly prohibited by RCPI.

Attempt to Plagiarize

Any attempt to gain access to or plagiarize the work of another candidate is considered misconduct.

Attempt to Gain or Pass On Information

Any endeavor to gain or pass on information regarding the examination content before, during, or after the examination is in violation of RCPI’s exam conduct.

All Forms of Cheating

Any form of cheating or behavior likely to provide an unfair advantage to the candidate or others is classified as misconduct. This includes bribery of another candidate or examination official, bringing in or removing any materials other than those explicitly permitted into any examination, etc.

Failure to Act with Respect

Failure to act with respect for fellow candidates at all times and non-compliance with the instructions of an invigilator/supervisor or other examination official is strictly prohibited in the examination hall. Additionally, failure to ensure patient, surrogate, or actor comfort and safety at all times during clinical exam interactions is also prohibited. 

Unacceptable, inappropriate, or disruptive behavior includes harassing and/or bullying RCPI staff, invigilators, examiners, patients, surrogates, and actors.

Failure to Inform RCPI about Limitations

Failure of a candidate to inform RCPI if any limitations on medical practice are imposed on them by the Irish Medical Council or the equivalent regulatory body in the country in which they practice.

Failure to Maintain Confidentiality

Failure in maintaining strict confidentiality regarding patient identity or details, before, during, or after the examination.

Candidates found in breach of any of the above regulations may face suspension from the examination or may be deemed to have failed the examination. In cases where an infringement is considered particularly severe, the candidate may be permanently disbarred from entering any future College examinations. 

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