MRCPI Part 2 OSCE: Understand the Exam Better to Gather Helpful Preparation Tips

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MRCPI Part 2 OSCE: Understand the Exam Better to Gather Helpful Preparation Tips

Learn MRCPI Part 2 OSCE Exam Tips

The MRCPI in Obstetrics and Gynaecology is ostensibly the most renowned qualification in the field of OB GYN. Read on to learn further about the exam format of the MRCPI Part 2 OSCE exam and valuable tips to ace the exam

The MRCPI Part 2 in Obstetrics and Gynaecology is composed of two components. They are:

1. MRCPI Part 2 Written exam

2. MRCPI Part 2 OSCE (Objective Structured Clinical Examination)

Let’s begin with the written exam.

The MRCPI Part 2 Written Exam

The written paper is composed of one short essay paper. It will further contain questions about topics like obstetrics, gynaecology and medical disorders that are germane to practice in the subject.

Next is an MCQ paper with 60 true/false statements with five options each. Furthermore, you are better off attempting all questions. There is no negative marking in the paper. Besides, all questions are equally weighted which lets you perform each one freely.

In addition, the passing marks are set by the examiner for each component of the exam. Lastly, this is the procedure followed for both MCQ and Essay paper.

The MRCPI Part 2 OSCE Exam

The exam comprises a number of stations of 25-minute duration each. These communicative stations further test the factual knowledge of the candidates. In addition, their problem-solving skills, understanding, diagnosis investigation, treatment, clinical skills and communication skills are also evaluated.

Furthermore, the clinical exam involves the presentation and conversation of a clinical case in either obstetrics or gynaecology. You will be allowed 20 minutes further to monitor a patient and discuss the case with two examiners.

Evaluation of clinical skills is the primary objective of OSCE examination. In addition, an open-structured marking scheme is used in the examination.

Passing the written exam is mandatory to progress towards the OSCE examination. However, marks gained in the written component are of no real consequence when it comes to OSCE examination. Lastly, passing this exam is compulsory.

The OSCE examination should be passed within two years of passing the written examination. Moreover, one has to resit the exam if this requirement is not fulfilled.

Hope you found this information useful. We strive to bring relevant, informative educational material for you. We wish you the best for your MRCPI Part 2 OSCE Exam.

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