MRCPI Part 2 OSCE May 2023 Exam Booking Window open now; Everything to Note

Thu 05, 2024
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Here is a piece of important news for MRCPI Part 2 OSCE May 2023 Exam Aspirants. The application window for the MRCPI OBG Part 2 OSCE, May 2023 exam, is now open.

The MRCPI OBG Part 2 OSCE is coming up. Are you a candidate looking to book slots for the MRCPI Part 2 OSCE May 2023 exam? Then this article is just for you. Here we are discussing everything you need to take note of while booking the exam slots. Read on to know everything, ranging from exam booking procedures to eligibility

Qualifying the MRCPI OBG-2 OSCE is an important part of the final gateway to the membership of the Royal College of Physicians of Ireland. This objective structured clinical examination is conducted to test the complete knowledge and understanding of obstetrics and Gynaecology, its diagnosis, investigation, treatment, clinical, and communication skills.

Exam Booking Procedure

As per the new updates, the booking window for the examination has opened by RCPI.  The candidates can book their slots from March 1, 2023, onwards. The booking window will close on April 5, 2023.

Since the MRCPI OBG 2 OSCE candidates have already provided the necessary details while applying for the MRCPI Part 2 OBG examination. So, there is no documentation required for individuals applying for the MRCPI OSCE  clinical examination.

If the number of applications for this exam exceeds the number of places available, ordinarily the RCPI will prioritise doctors based on their basic specialist training programme. Bookings will be by application only, with no fee attached, so as to register your interest in sitting the exam. Successful candidates will be contacted after the closing date to complete the payment then.

If RCPI can’t offer you a place in the OSCE or clinical exam, then the candidates will be placed on a waiting list and then you will be offered a place if one becomes available.


Before starting booking for slots, ensure you have passed your eligibility criteria and then apply . To apply for the MRCPI Part 2 OSCE, you should have passed the MRCPI Obstetrics and Gynaecology Part II Written exam within the past three years. If you are not able to clear the eligibility criteria, you can’t apply for the examination.

Don’t wait for the last minute to apply for the booking slots. Ensure your slots as early as possible and start your preparation.

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